Architecture gives form to the invisible pulses and rhythms of life. It gives pattern to structure and structure to pattern. It is an elemental mystic power that is innate to all things.

The physical manifestation of this power is a consequence of the desire for the invisible to be made visible. This desire, this great motivating force is essential to the life of a thing.

It is a process which organizes and composes various interrelated forces into a unified whole. Architecture is the comprehensive expression of all science and art . . . the wellspring of interconnectedness and function art.

TDR’s architecture is world famous. Our success lies in our commitment to: the use of non-toxic materials; effective labor-saving construction, structural systems that have proven to be highly earthquake resistant, fireproof, flood-proof and termite-proof, utilization of solar and wind power to create self-sufficient energy, elimination of utility bills, and protection and preservation of the natural ecology of the surrounding environment.

Our Designs range from residential remodels to the world’s tallest office building. TDR was the first architecture firm to design the San Francisco Giant’s baseball team stadium and was part of the design team for the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics. Our architectural designs, strikingly unique and insightfully planned, have been featured worldwide and our knowledge of innovative building materials and construction methods is unparalleled.

1976 Olympics
Balaba Residence
Butterfly Pavillion
Ecological House of the Future
Florence Fang Residence
House of the Seven Boulders
Reyes Residence
Self-Sufficient House
Tardigrade/Fish House
Tsui Design & Research
Watsu School
Williams Addition
ZED: Zero Energy Dwelling