On Friendship…

Allison Fisher and ET 2011

ALLISON FISHER is an exemplary world-class competitor, male or female.  She is one of the fortunate persons in the world who were born knowing what her passion is from an early age, and, she developed into one of the truly ferocious, steel-minded, accomplished competitors, in any sport.   She has more professional world champion titles than any person in any sport, I think, and she is at the same time, easy to talk with, kind, relaxed, and inquisitive.   She has this single-minded focus that is unique and she loves what she does.   Plus she is an attractive, well-postured woman, who exudes a demeanor of quiet confidence without the entitlement and exclusivity that usually accompanies such achievement. She likes to speak directly and doesn’t mince her words.   I respect her tremendously for her mild-mannered presence that hides her unequaled “killer” instinct as a competitive athlete–and I see her as a very high-level athlete.  She loves competition and challenges.   I would love to see her challenge any man in competition.  She would probably reduce them to a sniveling child.   I am so lucky to have met her, spend an afternoon with her, and know her thoughts.  And we both met when we were preparing for world competitions in our respective sports, billiards, and boxing.


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