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Mr. and Mrs. Guy and Jeanine Saperstein, my friends and longtime supporters of fashion, architecture, and healthy living, have been kind enough to model multiple outfits for our store website!  They, along with professional photographers Leon and Sunny (son and daughter-in-law) of Studio-FAB in Oakland, CA, diligently and tirelessly worked to create excellent quality images taken in the beautiful setting of the Saperstein home.

The Sapersteins are excellent examples of everyday individuals wearing my clothing and you can see the results.  These clothes are designed to enhance the character and distinction of the wearer.  They are designed for anyone, anywhere, at any time.

 Please read on to learn a little about our newest models…

 Note:  The blue “Studio-FAB” above is a link to Leon and Sunny’s website. 

I grew up in a low-income family in North Hollywood and became an anti-war radical during eight years at the University of California, Berkeley, 1961-69, eventually turning in my draft card and becoming a draft resister. I graduated from Berkeley School of Law in 1969 and took a two-year fellowship representing migrant farmworkers in Colorado. My wife and I then took a 4-month break to backpack in the Rocky Mountains, and I returned to Oakland, California in 1972, where I founded the law firm which eventually grew from two people to 165 employees and became the largest private plaintiff civil rights law firm in American history; my firm successfully prosecuted the largest sex, race, age and disability employment discrimination class actions in American history. For six years [1991-97], I was included in the National Law Journal list of “The 100 Most Influential Attorneys in America”—the only private civil rights attorney ever included in that list. I also prosecuted False Claims Act lawsuits against Lockheed Missiles & Space, Boeing, TRW and Raytheon for fraud in the NSA satellite surveillance programs and the National Missile Defense Program—which I can say with substantial authority after reading thousands of pages of test results, is a $200 billion fraud and sham which not only does not work, but never will work.

I retired from law at age 51, wrote two books, including my memoirs and a book about hiking the John Muir Trail with my youngest son which won several national awards, produced a feature film [“Skeleton Woman”], did many month-long adventures, including trekking the Himalayas with one son and kayaking the Grand Canyon with another son, and became a partner in the Democracy Alliance, where I was Co-Chair of the DA’s Strategy Working Group and Chair of its National Security/Foreign Policy Working Group. I also was appointed by Nancy Pelosi as a member of the Democratic national security policy group, which in 2006 re-wrote the Democratic Party platform on national security, titled “Real Security.” I subsequently founded a small think tank, The New Ideas Fund, for the purpose of generating new ideas on national security and foreign policy. I have written many articles on politics and history and have even ventured into the realm of humor writing [Why aren’t you laughing?]. I am one of the co-founders of Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength and currently am active on three boards: The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, which is fighting with little help from the Obama Administration to protect 10 million acres of wilderness on the Colorado Plateau; Brave New Films, which I am happy to report is in the process of producing a series of films about defense industry waste and fraud; and, the Northern Sierra Partnership, which is seeking to raise $170 million to protect wild lands in the Northern Sierras. I also am a co-owner of the Oakland Athletics.

My politics today are no different than they were in the 1960s; if anything, I have an even more radical vision today of what is required to put America back on a healthy and just path than I had in the 60s.

Not everyone gets ground down by life and compromise.

I also raised two children, helped to raise a third, and have been married to the same beautiful woman for 52 wonderful years, who I met while picketing the United States District Courthouse in Los Angeles in 1967 on a demonstration I helped organize for the Welfare Rights Organization.

Through it all, I have learned one important over-riding lesson: You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about.

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”  Moxie and Wookie


After leaving a short social work career, I founded and taught my own Montessori pre-school in Berkeley for 20 years, then founded and directed a non-profit, Health In Common, with the mission of integrating complementary and mainstream medicine. I also helped develop a year round program for youth at risk in San Francisco, and now am hosting a Mom & Baby group bringing my young mom friends together to share parenting joys and challenges, and have founded a Homeopathic Integrative Medical Clinic as part of the Bay Area’s Lifelong Medical Care.

I keep very busy running several homes with husband, Guy, traveling, family, and philanthropic activities (including health care, environmental issues, educational advocate, Democratic politics, and hosting many fun and worthy events.)

My husband, Guy, is a retired Civil Rights Attorney, author, and all around funny guy. We raised two boys (Leon & Jacobus) and shared in the raising of our great niece Unmi, traveling often in the wilderness with all of them.  Now we have two adorable grandsons and a great niece (Unmi’s) who are the light of our lives! 


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