Blue Wool and Silk Cape



Made of a silk and wool blended fabric, the blue wool is laid over a background of pink to give a regal juxtaposition of color and texture in a very subtle blend.  Designed to be worn in the spring and fall months this medium weight cape gracefully flows with the movement of its wearer.  It features a “Y” shaped fabric chest strapping that inserts around one’s waist belt and anchors the cape, at the inner shoulders, to make it impossible to blow off in high winds.  White cotton fleece bands the upper shoulder and high neck collar, for extra warmth, and piping slits allow the hands to peek through.   A chest pocket can be used for a handkerchief, pens, or coins.  Special Chinese embroidered fabrics are integrated with the cape at its sides and back.

COLOR:  Blue, Black, Gold

DESIGNER:  Handmade by Tailors in China and Berkeley, CA, and Designed by Dr. Tssui

GENDER:  Unisex

MATERIAL:  Silk-wool, Cotton

SEASON:  Spring, Fall

STYLE:  Cape

ALL clothing items are WORKS OF ART, ONE-OF-A-KIND, and CANNOT BE DUPLICATED due to supplies.  ORIGINAL PROTOTYPES are part of Dr. Tssui’s personal collection, sized to fit him at 5’10” and 155 lbs., and have passed rigorous tests for function, comfort, and durability.  All CONCEPT DESIGNS will be similarly sized and created utilizing comparable, top-quality materials.  They will perform the same intended functions as the prototype to protect the body from the elements, allowing the wearer to live their best possible life.  All sales are final and in AS-IS condition.


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Original Prototype, Concept Design