Olympicatta Jumpsuit



“Olympicatta” one-piece, dense cotton, athletic jumpsuit.  This jumpsuit features a built-in cape for protection from wind, snow, and rain, and a hood to keep body heat in when warming-up.  It is an excellent outfit for skiing, bicycling, boating, running–activities requiring adaptability to changing temperature and humidity conditions.  The design is aerodynamic when worn in windy conditions.  It also features an extra high neck cowl doubling as a hood for cold and windy climates.  White elastic panels, at the waist, let the suit grip the contours of the body, and a double shoulder layering in the design keeps the upper body and neck especially warm.  Brushed denim cotton with expandable cotton ribbing.  The outfit is lightweight and very comfortable made out of the same fabric as commonplace blue-jeans.  White elastic ribbing seals the sleeve cuffs and leg cuffs.

COLOR:  Blue, White

DESIGNER:  Handmade by Tailors in China and Berkeley, CA, and Designed by Dr. Tssui

GENDER:  Unisex

MATERIAL:  Cotton, Elastic

SEASON:  Year-round

STYLE:  Jumpsuit

ALL clothing items are WORKS OF ART, ONE-OF-A-KIND, and CANNOT BE DUPLICATED due to supplies.  ORIGINAL PROTOTYPES are part of Dr. Tssui’s personal collection, sized to fit him at 5’10” and 155 lbs., and have passed rigorous tests for function, comfort, and durability.  All CONCEPT DESIGNS will be similarly sized and created utilizing comparable, top-quality materials.  They will perform the same intended functions as the prototype to protect the body from the elements, allowing the wearer to live their best possible life.  All sales are final and in AS-IS condition.


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Original Prototype, Concept Design