Sub-Zero Graphic


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This is a one-off reproduction of a hand-selected color graphic and was personally supervised for reproduction quality by me.  I will personally sign and date each one for you.  This is an art portfolio, signed, quality work, in the original and approximately 18″ by 24″ in dimension, for $350 each.   If you want one of each of the three designs available, you can purchase the set of three for $1000.00.  Description:  Winter coat for windy, sub-zero temperature, climates.  The coat, gloves, hat, and boots are thick cotton fleece.  The breastplate is a photovoltaic solar panel used to create electrical current to heat small heating filaments in the gloves, hat, boots, and coat. Specially designed “wind googles” cover much of the face to protect from cold winds.   The double-arch aluminum saw is for cutting wood and allows less physical effort in cutting because of its shape.