Photovoltaic Sun-powered Silver Two-piece Suit



This “Wearable Technology” prototype, which Eugene Tssui had already begun designing over tens years ago, features shoulder “wings” that are flexible plastic photovoltaic solar panels used to generate power to the heating filaments inside the coat.  Colored embroidery is a silk-cotton blend.  Silver is the only color that minimizes reflection to the air-ozone layer and maximizes insulation of the body.  This suit is the ultimate in ecological efficiency and cold climate adaptability.  A cowl-neck collar keeps heat in the body and a velcro opening/closing frontal panel creates a seamless character to the suit.

*$5,000 for non-working wearable suit (Original Prototype or Concept Design) as shown by our model.  It has no converter, wiring, or heating elements.
*$30,000 for working prototype with solar panel inverter, wiring, and heating filaments.

COLOR:  Silver, Blue, Gold, Orange

DESIGNER:  Handmade by Tailors in China and Berkeley, CA, and Designed by Dr. Tssui

GENDER:  Unisex

MATERIAL:  Silk-cotton, (Flexible) Plastic

SEASON:  Autumn, Winter

STYLE:  Suit

ALL clothing items are WORKS OF ART, ONE-OF-A-KIND, and CANNOT BE DUPLICATED due to supplies.  ORIGINAL PROTOTYPES are part of Dr. Tssui’s personal collection, sized to fit him at 5’10” and 155 lbs., and have passed rigorous tests for function, comfort, and durability.  All CONCEPT DESIGNS will be similarly sized and created utilizing comparable, top-quality materials.  They will perform the same intended functions as the prototype to protect the body from the elements, allowing the wearer to live their best possible life.  All sales are final and in AS-IS condition.


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Original Prototype, Concept Design, Working Prototype