Woman Standing Graphic


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This is a one-off reproduction of a hand-selected color graphic and was personally supervised for reproduction quality by me.  I will personally sign and date each one for you.  This is an art portfolio, signed, quality work, in the original and approximately 18″ by 24″ in dimension, for $350 each.   If you want one of each of the three designs available, you can purchase the set of three for $1000.00.  Description:  Conceptual evening rainwear with head bonnet for rain protection.  This is a formal evening attire designed for a temperate climate with frequent rains.   Two capes, an inner and outer cape, and shoulder shawl create a multi-layered rain protective ensemble.   The boots are blue textured rubber and all fabrics are waterproof nylon of different weights and thicknesses.  Translucent/transparent fabrics are juxtaposed through each other when worn to give a lightweight, diaphanous, quality to the ensemble.