Home is the center of our personal universe. It is the crucible by which we test life’s rights and wrongs and the mysteries of unfolding moments. Our sense of beauty, of light and shadow, of gardens, and azure heavens overhead are discovered and treasured from the memories of our residence.

We jettison ourselves into the world each day from our abode.  This is the catalyst by which we know that, if all fails, we have a sanctuary where we can return again, to the warm glow of the familiar patterns of our private rooms.  Our home is where we become human beings, where our personalities are tested, and the sense of life lived in kitchens and living rooms is given history and perspective.

Residential concepts deserve to be the best that we can offer: places of high aspirations and quiet beauty and surprising diversity. More than anything, home is the personal expression of our inner sense of beauty and our place in the world.

Bayer Residence
Country Residential Estate
Kaufmann Residence
Mann Residence
McRae Residence
Monberg Residence
Petersen Residence
Portugal House
Sky Dragon Apartments
Starr Residence
Zodiac Residential Development

Proposed Projects List:

Gateway to the Bay –  Emeryville, California USA

“Aquaterra” Tourist Visitation House – Woodacre, California USA

“Primatempra” Townhouse Project – Pacifica, California USA

The Wilson House – Point Arena, California USA

The Hamburger Museum

Catanaria – Brentwood, California USA

Ha Poli Resort – Hawaii USA

Medinger House and Meditation Tower – Ashland, Oregon USA

World Peace Memorial – Aquatic park, San Francisco, California USA

The Sierra Hot Springs Community – Sierraville, California USA

House on the Cliff – San Francisco, California USA

“Volirotare” Wind Powered Dwelling

Arctic Gas Pipeline Research Center – Fairbanks, Alaska USA

U.S. Park Service Apartment Complex – USA

O.G. Department Store – Singapore

Apple Computer Headquarters – Sunnyvale, California USA

Museum for Salvador Dali – Tossa, Spain

Hung Kuo “Prosperity Tower”, Beacon of the East – Downtown Taipei, Taiwan

Enerex Corp – Stockton, California USA

Zodiac Seaview Residential Development – Shenzhen, China

Cathy Julian Residence – Orick, California, USA

Starr Residence, Office and Recording Studio – San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Sky Dragon Apartment Complex – Mainland China

Strait of Gibraltar Floating Bridge connecting Europe and African continents at the Strait of Gibraltar

Eye In The Sky Lookout Tower – Oakland, California, USA

Shenzhen Tower – Shenzhen, China

Emeryville Marina Nature Center – Emeryville, California, USA

South Bayfront Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge – Emeryville, California, USA

John Mann Residence – Mount Shasta, California, USA

McRae Residence – Vista, California, USA

Jason Monberg Tower, Office Library Residence – San Francisco, California, USA

Greg and Diane Kaufmann Residence – Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA

Hillcrown- Residence for Lawrence Peterson and Linda Fox – Carrboro, North Carolina, USA

Dave Bayer Residence – Oakland, California, USA

Nuna Ricardo and Sabine Blochberger Residence and Farm Estate – Baldios, Lisbon, Portugal