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Every clothing outfit, shoes, and boots, are tested under normal wearing conditions to see if the functional features of the original design satisfy the intended purpose of the piece.  Testing requires time, re-design, and re-construction, to perfect every design and even the final design, is a part of an ongoing process of inquiry.  All designed clothing materials are obtained in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China, and constructed by a single tailor, in Shenzhen, China, under my supervision.  Shoe materials are obtained in the USA and constructed in Berkeley, California, USA, under my supervision.  In many cases, I am involved in the actual construction and detailing of both shoes, boots, clothing, and accessories.  Last-minute variances in the cost of clothing and shoes are due to the development trials necessary to perfect the designs.  The entire process is a living, changing, unpredictable series of questions, research, trial-and-error, and is always in flux.  A seemingly simple design can turn out to be complex to construct, while a complicated design, can be surprisingly simple to assemble.  Expecting the unexpected is the nature of this design process and this reflects in the varying final cost.   You are acquiring an ongoing work of functional art.   Thank you for joining me in this process of discovery.

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